18 October 2021Pebble Trust welcomes new trustee

We're delighted to welcome Catriona Mallows as our new trustee!  Catriona brings a wealth of experience in Scotland and abroad - from community development in Scotland and New Zealand to teaching and working at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, not to mention a trustee of Scotland's youth 2050 Climate Group. You can find out more about Catriona and all our Trustees - and to keep up to date you can follow Catriona on Twitter.

23 September 2021The Pebble Trust creates bigger waves - Maximum grant raised to £10,000

Maximum grant for projects raised to £10,000 from September 23rd 2021

We are pleased to announce an increase in our maximum grant to £10,000 for projects in 2021-22 that contribute to reducing the impact of the Nature and Climate Emergencies. Our Trustees have become so alarmed at the lack of progress in tackling the emergencies, despite the increasing urgency of the situation, that we have decided to encourage more, and more ambitious, projects.

We are in the Decade of Action, COP26 is on the horizon. The UN’s latest report is a stark warning of the need for urgent action – the UN Secretary General said it was a ‘Code Red for Humanity’. We can all do more to help Scotland achieve its ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of Climate Change. Local initiatives provide the opportunity to demonstrate what is possible and can be scaled up.

"Some government laws and policies can be too slow and inadequate to tackle the climate emergency. We believe many small projects can make a difference. We are keen to ensure that our grants are used to the greatest advantage; and are particularly committed to supporting smaller and medium sized grass-roots organisations which are effective at creating a more sustainable way of life. Our grant is often the catalyst that enables them to turn their ideas into reality” explained Penny Edwards, Trustee & Founder.

We welcome applications from people with ideas for more environmentally friendly, resilient and sustainable living. Over the past seven years we have supported over 60 projects, from Shetland to Mallaig and Nairn to Fort William. See examples of projects we have funded.

The Trust is also interested in educational projects around climate change and sustainability, especially those that appeal to the young people whose future depends on the actions taken now.

We accept applications from:

  • Small community-based organisations with very limited resources but a strong vision for a more sustainable future;
  • Innovative individuals and small businesses with the skills and talent to develop products or services supporting greater sustainability;
  • Larger organisations with the capacity to develop and implement more complex projects.

What all our successful projects have in common is that they are led by passionate people working towards a better world.

The benefits of our grant scheme include:

  • A straightforward application process
  • A quick decision on whether or not the application meets the Trust’s criteria
  • Feedback on the viability of applications and the opportunity to resubmit with a more robust proposal

We are looking for projects that:

  • Increase local resilience, involve others and reduce dependence on the global market
  • Will be managed by someone with a track record of delivering results
  • Provide value for money; have a breakdown of costs and other financials
  • Are based on preliminary research and have a strong likelihood of success
  • Share the learning and provide lasting benefits beyond the funded period
  • Align with the circular economy by borrowing, reusing, recycling, instead of always buying new

If you have an idea for a small or larger project, please complete our straightforward application form.

20 September 2021Roundhouse shelter planned for Loch Arkaig

A traditional Roundhouse shelter is planned for Loch Arkaig following a successful bid for funding by The Woodland Trust.  The Trust is working with the Loch Arkaig local community to design and build a Roundhouse shelter, providing a base for volunteer work parties, a venue for outdoor learning, and a hub for events and workshops. In this remote area, the structure will open up the potential for increased numbers of volunteers and visitors to learn about the estate and woodland management. Find out more about the The Woodland Trust's work in Loch Arkaig pine forest.



17 September 2021Pebble Trust's Internship programme launched

Congratulations to Community Energy Scotland (CES) and Tagsa Uibhist who both successfully applied for grants of £6,000 to host an intern, as part of The Pebble Trust's newly launched Internship Programme.

The purpose of the programme is to provide an opportunity for recent graduates to gain knowledge, expertise and confidence to help them become active, involved and potentially employed in building a more sustainable, low carbon and equal society.  The 2021-22 programme targeted selected organisations that have successfully taken forward a Pebble Trust funded project before.

The Trust was particularly pleased to see the links between the two projects and the opportunity they gave for the two interns to add value to each other's projects.

CES will employ an intern for three months to deliver a Uist Energy in Food Audit. The audit will include energy used in transportation of food, use of agricultural vehicles, heating of buildings and poly-tunnels and any other aspects of food production.

Working alongside Tagsa Uibhist’s Community Gardens team and engaging with local food producers and local businesses, a recent graduate with an interest in equitable sustainable development, food production, value chain development and nutrition will be supported to conduct research to write a Uist Local Fruit and Vegetable Map.

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