06 February 2019
Nairn Community Orchard

This week we were delighted to receive the end-of-project report from Green Hive, who used a Pebble Trust grant to set up a community orchard in Nairn and have been bowled over by the response of locals – many of whom have come out to help with the work and learn about all things fruity.

The Nairn Viewfield Community Orchard was planted in October 2017, with the help of a £3191 grant from The Pebble Trust. Since then there have been volunteer days to maintain and nurture the space at least once every month (except for some winter months) and

4 public events coordinated by Green Hive. The orchard project has also been the catalyst for developing strong working relationships between Green Hive and other local groups.

Benefits to the community:

Planting of the orchard has benefitted the community by establishing a free community food resource for the future, creating a place to sit, gather and stop to appreciate the park. There are now environmental volunteering opportunities locally and a more developed network of people connecting through their contribution to the project. Establishing the orchard in partnership with other local groups has stimulated the local network interested in growing and the development of small orchards.

Benefits to the environment:

There has been an increased use of a wonderful natural space and enhanced natural resource in the centre of the town. Increased awareness about community food growing, the environmental benefits of growing your own food and composting, and skills in gardening developed by those who have participated.

Benefit to Green Hive:

The organisation has grown through the development of this project. The community orchard has attracted many more volunteers and members to join the Green Hive community, strengthening other aspects of their work and governance. Most notably the orchard project has acted as a catalyst for building strong relationships with other local organisations and established Green Hive’s reputation in Nairn as a positive and strong contributor to the town. Their success in establishing the community orchard has contributed greatly to attracting substantial funding from other bodies such as the Big Lottery Fund and Voluntary Action Fund, to support the whole organisational development as well as the maintenance of the orchard and public events at the orchard over the next two years.

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