11 January 2022
Soil carbon and forestry practice in Scotland: how do forest managers see it?

Forestry and its impacts on carbon cycles has never been higher profile, nor more political. Recent work by the Forest Policy Group, funded by The Pebble Trust,  focuses on two important areas:

  • Impacts of forestry on carbon storage in soils and ways to mitigate those impacts
  • The experiences and views of practitioners.

This is a must-read for anyone involved in forestry in Scotland. Find out more in their latest blog post.  The full report by
Anna Lawrence has just been published and explores the perspectives of forest management stakeholders on forest operations in relation to soils and soil carbon.

This report forms part of a wider study by Forest Policy Group, commissioned by The Pebble Trust, to conduct a study to inform policy makers and practitioners about the impacts of forest practice on soil carbon and how such impacts may be mitigated.

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