16 March 2021
Our Seas need your support

There are a huge range of pressures on our seas – climate change, pollution, overfishing – but one of the fundamental problems is chronic and persistent damage to the seabed.

How can we bring about an urgent and fair transition towards more sustainable fishing?

The Pebble Trust is joining forces with Our Seas - an alliance of Scottish organisations, businesses, communities and individuals that support a move to sustainable use of our coastal seas. Our Seas are calling for the re-establishment of a modern, coastal limit on bottom-towed fisheries to restrict damaging fishing from the coastal zones of our seas that are most vulnerable.

The Trust is delighted to support the campaign by funding a short film to raise awareness of the complex issues impacting the health of our coastal seas and fisheries. To find out how you can join the campaign, visit Our Seas website and follow them on Facebook.

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