15 September 2020
Shetland children nudged into nature

Congratulations to the Shetland Nature Nudge team for completing their inspiring and highly successful project. This educational project produced ten short nature learning videos with accompanying activity sheets, supporting and inspiring curriculum linked outdoor learning for pupils, parents and teachers during the lockdown period.

All outcomes were a great success:

  • Connecting children and families with Shetland nature
  • Providing a sense of community for learners in lockdown. 
  • Boosting physical activity and health and wellbeing. 
  • Improveing skills like food growing and identification of plants and animals 
  • Supporingt existing curriculum learning outcomes

By the end of the series, Nature Nudge videos were being viewed right across Shetland and beyond and had become a wholly collaborative experience – with children presenting their own video clips.

Nature Nudge's Karen McKelvie explains:
"Nature Nudge has been a truly successful project, adults were inspired by the young ones getting involved and young ones were inspired by the adults...One of the most lovely things that happened while we were making Nature Nudges, was the relationship that the young presenters had with the programme and with the audience. There was a clear and present connection with the viewers and a desire to show them what they had discovered in the natural world."

And all this was achieved by outdoor educator Karen McKelvie and teacher Caroline Simpson filming on their mobile phones, not to mention the many children and families who so enthusiastically took up the challenge.
Nature Nudge videos and pages continue to remain available on the Shetland school website and talks are underway as to how to use Nature Nudge as a vehicle to promote more outdoor learning and sustainable living in Shetland into the future.

Karen sums up the legacy:
"We know that strong connections with nature and warm feelings towards wildlife leads to more care for nature and pro-nature behaviours, in the future.  Continuation of the Nature Nudge project will undoubtably include how to look after our living environment and how to live more sustainable lives in our unique island community."

The Pebble Trust was delighted to support this inspiring and empowering project.

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