23 May 2020
Scottish Farm Land Trust - Providing access to land for agroecology

The aim of the Scottish Farm Land Trust is to increase access to land for small-scale, ecological agriculture by purchasing land to be held in trust and rented fairly to new entrants and young people. The Pebble Trust are delighted to have contributed funding to help the Trust develop their experience and expertise in access to land, before making their first land purchase.

Their work in the next year will include employing a Development Coordinator to deliver their business plan; outreach to new entrants and landowners;  mapping the training and advice network for new entrant agroecological farmers; brokering their first tenancy agreements between landowners and farmers; and last but not least raise the profile of agroecological farming.

Agroecological farming looks beyond a focus on yields and considers the social and environmental benefits that farms can deliver, such as rural employment, community development and education, developing local supply chains, resilient ecosystems and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out more about the Scottish Farm Land Trust on their website or follow them on Facebook.

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