23 March 2020
Energy in motion in the Western isles

The Outer Hebrides experience high fuel costs, high rates of fuel poverty, high dependency on personal car use (as the public transport is limited) and low uptake of electric vehicles and active travel.

To help change this, we were delighted to contribute funding to the Western Isles Energy in Motion project. The aims of this Community Energy Scotland project are to enable residents and community groups across the Western Isles to reduce their climate impact by:

  • Raising awareness and education
  • Replacing fossil-fuelled travel with more sustainable transport including active travel, shared travel options, electric vehicles and e-bikes.
  • Supporting communities to explore owning electric vehicle charge points linked to locally generated renewables and where possible earn an income while providing a vital local service.

A development officer based in the Western Isles will support communities  by coordinating information provision, electric vehicle try-out events with community groups, and coordinating strategic planning of travel options, encouraging car-sharing and active travel among residents.

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