What comes after the covid-19 pandemic?

We've been wondering how to bring about something positive from the current crisis and work towards creating a better future for all. What post-virus future do we want to see?  How do we avoid going back to business as usual?

We decided it would be good to put down our own thoughts and invite contributions from others - organisations that have received funding from The Pebble Trust.

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Urgent need for a fair food system

by Suzy Russell - Community Supported Agriculture - 11:05 on 01 June 2020

COVID-19, along with Brexit and climate change underline the urgent need for a fair food system - fair for people, planet and producer. Economic hardship and food shortage are likely to get much worse before they get better, both as a result of COVID-19 but also as a result of our shifting climate (this year has seen both the wettest Feb and the dryest May) and, potentially, Brexit. That is going to mean people making difficult choices, and until the hidden costs behind the erroneous concept of "cheap" food are truly understood, and "cheap" food disappears as an option, it's hard to see how fundamental change can take place and alternative choices be made on a significant scale. This means a sea change in policy direction is needed to support a move towards a sustainable food future.
But, there is a glimmer of hope... recent research has shown that only 9% of people want to go back to business as usual and most people want to maintain some of the changes they have seen as a part of life with COVID . People have noticed a stronger sense of community and that they value food more. Our challenge is to build on this, to shout it out across the fields, to gather people and to grow, feast and celebrate together in ways which sustain and invigorate our people and our land.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) does this by using regenerative principle to farm in a way which supports people, plant and producer. For more information and to find your nearest CSA visit: www.communitysupportedagriculture.org.uk

Suzy Russell is Development Manager at Community Supported Agriculture

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