13 April 2021H&I hustings - 'Industry, Economy and Society - in balance with Environment'

H&I Hustings -Friday 23rd April from 17:00 to 18:30.

The Pebble Trust are hosting a H&I regional candidates hustings - this is your chance to find out how each party sees the future of sustainable economic development in H&I.

Lesley Riddoch will be moderating and representatives from seven parties have signed up - SNP, Andy Wightman, Greens, Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives and Alba.

Eventbrite details to follow soon. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

13 April 2021Long-awaited Scottish Forestry Guidance on forestry cultivation gets a good A-

Two years ago Forest Policy Group (FPG) published a blog on forestry cultivation called “Back to the 70’s -Flared Trousers and Forestry Ploughing”, proposing a rethink on cultivation practice. 

Since then, FPG has been busy researching the effects of forestry operations on soil carbon, and what might constitute best practice in an era when the climate emergency is centre stage.

It's great to see that their research and recommendations have been taken on board in Scottish Forestry's latest guidance on cultivation.  Find out more about the impacts of forestry on carbon storage in soils and what FPG thinks of the new guidance in their latest blog post.

The Pebble Trust is delighted to be funding this work.

05 April 2021Success for River Peffery restoration survey

It's full steam ahead to the next stage of the River Peffery restoration and natural flood management project after topographical surveying - funded by the Pebble Trust - confirmed that the project is feasible. 

This project, managed by Lockett Agri-Environmental,  aims to reconnect a stretch of the River Peffery to its original floodplain. A number of social and ecological benefits are expected to arise from this project, including:

  • Reduced flood risk downstream
  • Increased habitat connectivity, diversity and quality
  • Restoring a source of nature to be enjoyed by the local community

The funding was used to conduct an initial topographic survey of the channel and its floodplain.  The resulting assessment confirmed that the hydromorphology and topography on the site means the project is entirely feasible.

The successful survey allows the Peffery Restoration Project to move forward to the next stage - submitting a funding application to the Biodiversity Challenge Fund. We wish them every success in securing larger scale funding for this exciting project.

Find out more about this and other work carried out by Lockett Agri-Environmental, a leading provider of conservation advice in Scotland, on their website.

26 March 2021Stramash Nursery bounces back after fire

Children at Stramash outdoor nursery in Fort William are delighted with their heated 'yurkie' but it has been a difficult journey for staff and parents after the original structure was destroyed by fire.

Back in 2018 the Pebble Trust provided funding to bring heat and light to their wooden castle/yurt with a combination of wood stove, solar and wind power. Sadly just before completion a fire at the nursery destroyed the structure along with much of the infrastructure.  Staff, volunteers and the wider community all came together to bounce back from this devastating incident. A new yurkie/porch structure was built, heated by a wood burning stove.  Fortunately the solar panels and wind turbine survived the fire and are now installed at the nursery.

Parents, staff and children are delighted with the new shelter and love the design, layout and functionality of the space. The solar panels and wind turbine provide an effective means of teaching children about renewables.

Stramash are continuously involved in making the centre more sustainable. This winter they planted around 150 fruit trees, 60 soft fruit bushes and transplanted about 700 trees. They have also managed to purchase a commercial sized polytunnel which will all help to dramatically increase the biodiversity within their space.

Our congratulations to Cameron Sprague and the team at Fort William for what they have achieved in very difficult circumstances. Find out more on the Stramash website.


18 March 2021Growing CSA membership in Scotland

It's always great to get updates on projects we fund- so we were delighted to hear csa a- guidethat interest in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Scotland has grown in the last year from 7 to 21 Scottish member and starter CSAs.

All the more impressive given that their plans for growing the network in Scotland were hit hard by Covid-19, with all face-to-face events cancelled.

As part of the project, CSA have so far delivered two webinars - with more to come. The planned mentoring sessions have had to go online but on the plus side they have delivered more than anticipated.

Watch out for news of the Gathering - they are still holding out hope of something face to face, provisionally in the autumn.

Catch up on CSA news in their latest newsletter.

16 March 2021Huge success for Highland Good Food Conference

The Highland Good Food Conference is now over and it exceeded all expectations - all involved were blown away by the level of passion and determination from the delegates. HGFC are now cracking on with Phase 3 when they will turn all of the hard work from the conference into real action.

If you missed the conference, you can view the project presentations on YouTube, read the full report and catch up on the conference blog posts. All available on the HGFC website.

16 March 2021Our Seas need your support

There are a huge range of pressures on our seas – climate change, pollution, overfishing – but one of the fundamental problems is chronic and persistent damage to the seabed.

How can we bring about an urgent and fair transition towards more sustainable fishing?

The Pebble Trust is joining forces with Our Seas - an alliance of Scottish organisations, businesses, communities and individuals that support a move to sustainable use of our coastal seas. Our Seas are calling for the re-establishment of a modern, coastal limit on bottom-towed fisheries to restrict damaging fishing from the coastal zones of our seas that are most vulnerable.

The Trust is delighted to support the campaign by funding a short film to raise awareness of the complex issues impacting the health of our coastal seas and fisheries. To find out how you can join the campaign, visit Our Seas website and follow them on Facebook.

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