28 August 2019


This is an ambitious programme to bring a renewable energy network to the Isle of Iona. The Pebble Trust contributed with a grant towards the initial set up cost for the community contribution and to support financial management and advice.

The project is still in the development stage and we wish them all the best in obtaining the grants and support required to bring this to fruition.

25 August 2019

In 2017, The Pebble Trust contributed £5,000 to this project to develop high quality, affordable office and workshop space for innovative social enterprises in Moray. We have just received their End of Project Report and we are pleased to see that there are now 7 businesses located there including arts, consultancy and food producers.  

21 August 2019 Green Hive Community Hub - Feasibility Study

The goal is to establish a permanent hub in the community based around an income-generating upcycling business that complements their activities in community food growing and waste
reduction. The hub will include retail and workshop facilities, a cafe and a welcoming place for local people to drop by, meet up, chat and help long-term development and grow the project’s volunteering and employability opportunities.

There are 3 phases to the plan and during 2019 phase 1 of the project will see engagement with the Green Hive community, volunteers and members, other Nairn residents and local groups, partners and other stakeholders to establish options for collaboration and partnership in the development of the community hub business plan and assess options for a building to house the hub.

The Pebble Trust are delighted to provide a grant towards the cost of this feasibility study and are looking forward to the business plan and the development of some shareable innovative ideas for similar projects.

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