Scoring System

Applications will be judged against the following criteria

  1. Extent to which the application meets our objectives (max 10 points):
    • Impact on climate change and reduction in fossil fuel use.
    • Increase in local resilience, ie less reliance on global markets and non-renewable resources.
    • Stronger and more self-reliant local communities.
    • Greater local knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues.
  2. Credibility of applicant and project managers (max 5 points):
    • Strategic vision
    • Financial stability
    • Operational resource
    • Track record
  3. Value for money (max 5 points):
    • Efficiency and effectiveness. To judge this we need:
      • A reasonable breakdown of costs and evidence that they have been adequately researched. Where applicable, this should include consideration of alternatives to buying brand new equipment.
      • Information about how many people are involved, the breadth of engagement in the community, and the scale of expected benefits.
      • Evidence of partnership working.
    • Likelihood of success, taking account of any preliminary research already undertaken.
    • Scale of likely benefits compared with the amount of grant requested.
    • Contribution from the project group. Depending on the nature of the project, this might be volunteer hours and effort, local fundraising, donated supplies, etc.
  4. Lasting benefits arising from project (max 5 points):
    • Lasting outcomes
    • Continuation of project beyond funded period
  5. Extent of any negative implications against Pebble Trust objectives (max 5 points).
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