Eligible Projects

The Pebble Trust ojectives are given below. All projects must meet the first objective. A contribution to the other objectives will also be taken into account where appropriate:

  • The advancement of environmental protection or improvement, in particular supporting organisations and individuals developing sustainable lifestyles and projects which take into account future resource availability, fossil fuel use, climate change and the desirability of a more equal society; 
  • The advancement of community development, in particular encouraging local communities to become stronger and more self-reliant through the adoption of sustainable lifestyles; 
  • The advancement of education and science, in particular carrying out research and education relating to the technical and social aspects of sustainable lifestyles; and

Projects funded will be expected to benefit the public through:-

  • a reduced resource intensity of lifestyles, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future
  • a contribution to individuals’ awareness, and the technical knowledge required for sustainable lifestyles
  • making results known, thereby disseminating and promulgating the results of funded projects