by Emma Whitham - MOO Food - 21:52 on 15 May 2020
Emma Whitham of MOO Food believes we have all been presented with an opportunity to start living differently and we must grab it with conviction.
by Neil Mapes - Green Hive - 18:26 on 12 May 2020
Neil Mapes of Green Hive points out there was little about the 'normal' prior to COVID-19 that was sustainable and clearly our recent global crisis has exposed the increasing inequality across people and places. He argues that sustainability has been unhelpfully linked to growth when sustainability could be more positively linked to stability and flexibility..
by Martin Sherring - 11:02 on 30 April 2020
For many people Covid-19 is causing hardship and misery – with reduced incomes, businesses destroyed and of course loved ones taken from us before their time. But there have also been some positive outcomes. Trustee Martin Sherring hopes that the lessons of the Covid-19 experience can be used to create a better future, rather than just go back to what we had.
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