Welcome to The Pebble Trust

The Pebble Trust, established in 2014, has a vision of a more sustainable, equal and low-carbon society, where constraints on fossil fuels lead to a more localised economy with stronger, more resilient, communities, and where human activities take account of climate change and the wider environment. The Trust supports projects in Scotland, and particularly in the Highlands and Islands.

During 2017/18, the Trustees have maintained their policy of limiting applications to £5,000 and prioritising projects in the Highlands and Islands. If you would like to make an application, go to the applications page.

The Pebble Trust Trustees  have a range of expertise to support people wishing to play their part in building a more sustainable and equal society. This includes rural development, renewable energy, ecological building, community development, corporate governance and business formation/ management.

The Trust was established with money inherited by Trustees Penny Edwards and Martin Sherring. Conscious that in the western world we are consuming faster than the environment can accommodate, and that there there is more pleasure to be derived from being active in the community than from consumerism, they decided to use the inheritance to help develop and spread that message.

The Pebble Trust would be pleased to hear from others in a similar situation who may wish to also contribute to the Pebble Trust.